Celebrate the History of Ostara With Easy Spring Dinner Ideas

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Yellow lady slipper up close for celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas.

Ostara, a celebration marking the vernal (Spring) equinox, is steeped in history and tradition. Rooted in pagan and Germanic folklore, this spring festival welcomes the return of longer sunnier days and the promise of new life. The Earth is waking up and the flowers are beginning to bloom, marking the end of winter and a new season of growth. Alongside the festivities, a carefully crafted Ostara dinner can be a feast for the senses. Let’s delve into tradition and celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas to honor this vibrant season.

The History of Ostara

Ostara, also known as Eostre or the Spring Equinox (first day of spring), traces its origins to ancient Germanic and Celtic cultures. Named after the goddess Eostre, associated with fertility and renewal, the festival symbolizes the balance between light and dark. As Christianity spread, elements of Ostara blended with modern-day Easter traditions, creating a tapestry of cultural and religious celebrations.

Ostara Dinner Ideas

Here is a selection of my favorite Ostara recipes in no particular order to make this time of year. Spring in the northern hemisphere is a long time coming and we are here for it and hungry!

  • Salad
  • Chicken breasts
  • Roasted turkey
  • French tomato tart
  • Irish vegetable soup
  • Lavender cocktails
  • Sun tea
  • Clifford tea cookies
  • Oat crisp topping
  • Irish soda bread
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Hot cross buns
  • Charcuterie board
  • Fruit Jams
  • 2 types of hummus

Here are the details:

1. Spring Salad with Edible Flowers:

Embrace the season’s bounty with a refreshing spring salad adorned with edible flowers. Mix crisp greens, baby spinach, spring onions, radishes, and baby carrots, drizzled with a light vinaigrette. Add pansies or violets for a touch of floral elegance.

2. Baked Chicken Breasts:

Succulent baked chicken, glazed with mayo/olive oil mixed with spices and herbs, this dish captures the essence of Ostara. The sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors complement the spirit of renewal, creating a centerpiece that embodies the vibrancy of spring.

Chicken breasts up close for celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas.

4. French Turkey:

Stuffed with fresh herbs and lemons in honor of your Ostara celebration, this turkey is bathed in champagne and full of spring flavor. Mix any leftover champagne with orange juice to toast to new beginnings.

Beautifully roasted turkey for celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas.

5. French Tomato Tart:

Celebrate the arrival of the season with a savory tart. A flaky puffed pastry crust cradles a luscious filling of Dijon mustard, red ripe tomatoes, and shredded cheeses. Pile the top with fresh herbs. This dish pays homage to the greenery emerging after winter’s slumber.

French tomato tart on parchment paper.

6. Irish Farmhouse Vegetable Soup:

Craft a comforting soup showcasing an array of vegetables – peas, herbs, and root vegetables. Infuse the dish with fresh herbs like mint or parsley, imparting a burst of flavor reminiscent of the season.

Bowl of soup with bread for celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas.

7. Lavender Infused Cocktails:

Incorporate the delicate aroma of lavender into your favorite beverages and be the star of the brunch table. These delicious drinks evoke the fragrant blooms of spring, adding a touch of elegance to the meal.

8. Sun tea:

Fill a gallon or half-gallon glass jar with water and make sun tea with the first true rays of the year. Fill your containers with tea bags, lemon juice, and fresh herbs, and place them in a sunny spot for several hours. Let the warmth of the sun infuse the tea with the blessings coming of Spring – a time of new growth. 

9. Clifford Tea Cookies:

These simple and rustic cookies scream garden tea party. Fresh and light, serve these cookies on a brunch table, for dessert, or to guests who drop in. The promise of Spring means more gatherings and Clifford tea cookies are the best.

Tea and cookies on a pretty plate for celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas.

10.. Berry-Laden Oat Crisp:

Cap off your Ostara dinner with a delectable oat crisp topping with an abundance of fresh berries. The crisp topping, earthy and buttery, harmonizes with the sweetness of spring berries.

11. Irish Soda Bread:

This rustic no-rise bread can be on the table in an hour. It is charming and delicious and can pull any meal together. Fill Irish soda bread with dried fruits and nuts in honor of Ostara and the seeds that will soon be sowed. Try golden raisins, dried cranberries, dried oranges, or orange zest. 

Irish soda bread in a cast iron for celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas.

12. Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts:

Dazzle your mouth with this maple and balsamic glazed brussels sprouts recipe – place bacon on top and you are in for a treat. Green and round to represent the Earth and the cycle of life. 

Brussels sprouts cooked with bacon in a white dish.

13. Hot Cross Buns:

These buns are a time-honored tradition often served the Friday before Easter. They are decorated with a symbol of the cross to ward off any evil or negativity brought into the home. Hot cross buns are a warm spicy dough that bakes up tall and then crossed with icing. 

14. Spring-Themed Charcuterie Board:

Fill it with orange honey cakes, fresh greens, thick ham slices, bean sprouts, chocolate eggs, fresh flowers, and anything else that tickles your fancy. 

Small charcuterie board for celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas.

15. Fruit Jams:

Make one simple jar of fresh jam to brighten up your meals. Try strawberry or raspberry for good luck. Fresh fruits can be found at your local grocery store or market and it is the perfect time to make a small batch of jam. 

16. Low Sodium Hummus And Red Lentil Hummus:

Hummus is a delicious dip or spread that is packed with vitamins and minerals. It is simple to make and the perfect accompaniment for all the spring vegetables.

Hummus for dipping spring vegetables.

Ostara’s Ancient Origins of a Spring Celebration

Ostara, also known as Eostre (the Germanic goddess of Spring), finds its roots in ancient pagan and Germanic traditions. Named after the goddess Eostre, associated with fertility and the dawn, this spring festival celebrates the vernal equinox, marking the balance between day and night. There are many Germanic and Celtic Influences: The Spring festival’s origins can be traced back to Germanic tribes, where the arrival of spring was a time of celebration and rebirth. It coincided with the emergence of new life in nature, symbolized by the blossoming of flowers and the return of migratory birds.

Eggs and Hares- Ostara is closely linked to symbols of fertility, with eggs and hares playing prominent roles. Eggs, representing the potential for life, were often decorated and used in rituals. Hares, known for their prolific breeding, became associated with the goddess Eostre. As Christianity spread, many pagan traditions were absorbed or adapted into Christian celebrations. The timing of Ostara aligned with the Christian observance of Easter, leading to the blending of these traditions. The symbolism of eggs, representing new life, found a place in Easter customs.

Handmade grapevine wreath with bunnies on a mantle for celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas.

Modern Times

Modern Celebrations in contemporary pagan and Wiccan practices- Ostara is observed as one of the eight Sabbats on the Wheel of the Year. It marks the awakening of the earth after winter and is often celebrated with rituals, feasts, and a focus on the themes of renewal and balance. There are many rituals and traditions surrounding the Spring equinox. Ostara rituals often involve the lighting of fires, symbolizing the return of the sun’s warmth. Participants may also engage in decorating Easter eggs in pastel colors, the Easter bunny, planting seeds, and other activities symbolizing growth and abundance.

Ostara in Neopaganism: Modern Neopagan traditions, including Wicca, embrace Ostara as a time to honor the changing seasons and connect with the cycles of nature. It is seen as a time of balance, where light conquers darkness, and life emerges from the dormant winter. While Ostara remains rooted in ancient traditions, it has also found its way into contemporary folklore. The symbolism of eggs, hares, and the burgeoning spring landscape continues to inspire diverse celebrations worldwide.

Wrapping Up Celebrate the History of Ostara With Easy Spring Dinner Ideas

Spring like food set up with eggs, pitas and hummus for celebrate the history of Ostara with Spring easy dinner ideas.

As we honor the ancient roots of Ostara and Mother Earth, and welcome the rebirth of nature, a thoughtfully prepared dinner becomes a celebration of life and growth. The history of Ostara intertwines with the joyous anticipation of warmer days, and the dinner ideas presented here aim to capture the essence of this vibrant season. May your Ostara be filled with nourishing food, shared moments, and the promise of renewal.



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