Celebrate the Changing of the Seasons With Simple Fall Decorations

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Join me as I celebrate the changing of the seasons with simple Fall decorations. Fall or Autumn is a time when the warm winds turn cooler, the animals grow their coats thicker and the nights become darker. The skies fill with beautiful clouds and the whole atmosphere seems to shift. Autumn translates from Latin to mean “the passing of the year”. This season represents the preservation of all the necessities we need for the winter months ahead. As we prepare for colder temperatures, warmth fills our homes.

Celebrate the Changing of the Seasons by Lighting a Fire

A simple and inviting way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is to light your fireplace and bathe in the warmth of the flames. Trim your mantles with pumpkins and gourds. Handmade pumpkins adorn the candle sticks and the rest were bought at various stores throughout the years. Bringing in rich colors and textures enhances the cozy atmosphere.

There are many alternatives if you don’t have a fireplace. Electric ones are so versatile because you can plug them into whichever outlet to design any wall. Candles are also a good choice to bring in the mood lighting. Turn down the lights and watch the flames flickering and dancing.

large basket of crocheted and fleece blankets rolled

Roll up your favorite blankets and put them in a large basket in your family room for all to enjoy. Nothing beats snuggling up under your best handmade blanket and watching a movie or reading a book. Enjoying the excitement with the first bit of holiday decorations.

Do Some Winter Organizing

Fall is the time when out come the jackets, scarves, and hats. I use a coat tree to make it easy for my family to store their outerwear when not in use. It definitely cuts down on the mess of coats that seem to scatter throughout the house. Moreover, it is a neat vintage statement piece.

To organize our hats and mittens, I assign a wooden crate to each family member to keep it all contained. The contents can be switched out with the seasons- in the summer they hold baseball caps and sunglasses.

The Colors of Fall Celebrated

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with simple Fall decorations, such as, changing out your kitchen towel or hanging different curtains. Bring in the rich colors of nature. The reds, golds, greens, even purples.

 trio of autumn trees celebration the changing of the seasons

Gather Fall leaves for other projects and press them for later. Take a walk or drive to see the splendor that Mother Earth has given us. Celebrate every tree and shrub that has been kissed by the colors of Fall.

Using Nature as Simple Fall Decoration

Using nature to celebrate the changing of the seasons is great for simple decorations. This year we accidentally grew some gourds. As a result, one plant (with leaves indicating to us it was in the squash family) grew and surprised us with 22 yellow gourds. Using them as Fall Decoration was free and easy. Guests are greeted with signs of Fall by simply placing some on the front porch.

A change is coming, fantasy pumpkins are lining the doorways. They are fun and colorful and some are quite tasty. Blue pumpkins or Cinderella pumpkins are totally neat to look at and can be cooked up to use in sweet or savory dishes. Stacking these pumpkins adds vertical height next to another one by itself. Try painting a sign. By stenciling letters onto a wooden board and using paint, you can create any saying you like to greet your friends and family.

Homegrown yellow gourds atop a wooden porch table

Cozy Up Your Furniture

Drape blankets over the back of your couch. Make slipcovers for your pillows or get some awesome vintage prints. Adding just one or two decorative pillows can truly transform a room. You can change them out every season. If you can do some basic sewing, you can convert old button-down shirts into awesome pillow covers. I hope you get inspired to create something new. Try and crochet round pillows.

gray couch with fall pillows and blankets

Decorate your desks and small tables with a Fall theme. Bring in a handmade autumn wreath above a stack of old books. The top book on the desk is a copy of Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Smith circa 1726. Old books found second-hand are great decorations for all seasons. A crochet pumpkin in addition to a soft textured pillow adds just the right touch.

vintage desk with books and a lamp with a wreath on the wall.

Glitter and crochet pumpkins add texture and height to a bookshelf. Fill it with spooky holiday books for you or your children. Little touches here and there will make the right amount of impact.

Creating Fall Tablescapes

Tablescapes are some of the best ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons with simple decorations in your eating areas. Whether it is your countertops, kitchen tables, or dining room tables, adding some simple decorations is sure to delight. Furthermore, bringing in some natural elements adds texture and transforms your tablescapes to the next level. In addition to your chandelier or overhead lighting, taper candles create just the right mood. Battery operated with a hidden wick and made of wax, these candles look quite stunning.

pumpkin and Fall grasses tablescape for celebrating the changing of the seasons with simple fall decorations

Take a walk outside along an overgrown path or pull your car over next to a field to collect some of the gorgeous Fall grasses, seed pods, or cat tails. Whatever styles and colors you like, incorporate them into your design. Mix and match candle stick holders, and use mason jars as vases, the possibilities are endless.

glass hurricane with  simple fall decorations to celebrate the changing of the seasons

Fill glass hurricane lamps with those natural elements you’ve collected, or purchase a couple stems of artificial autumn leaves. Pull them apart and fill them around a pillar candle to create a simple and quick table decoration. Layer different textiles and colors to create a warm and cozy look

Wrapping Up

John Keats writes “To Autumn” Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with simple Fall decorations. With the aromatics of cinnamon and spices, cardamom chai bubbling on the stove, and pumpkin pies all around it’s easy to get excited. This is the time to appreciate Earth’s abundance and give thanks for the harvest and our families. As we slow down to enjoy this time together, we can reflect on all the changes this year has brought us. There is magic on the Fall breeze just waiting for you to harness. Let the celebration of the changing seasons fill your heart and your home.

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