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Canning Dry Beans The Easy Way (No Soak)

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Canning dry beans the easy way (no soak method) might just change your cooking life. This method does not require additional time for soaking beans overnight or any pre-cooking. They fully cook in the canning process. It’s fast and easy with delicious results.

Beans that you can yourself taste infinitely better than any of the tinned varieties that you find in the store. Home-canned pinto and northern beans are a healthier choice, and they take no time at all to prepare.

trio of pint sized mason jars with canned beans in them

Another benefit of canning your own dry beans is saving money. An 8 pound bag of dried pinto beans costs roughly 7 dollars. You can make around 52 jars of beans from this. The cost comes to around 13 cents a jar!

You can have homemade refried beans in mere minutes or add a jar or two of them to any variety of soup. You are cooking them as part of the pressure canning process, so they are shelf stable and ready to eat. Today I’m going to show you just how easy it is to can pinto beans and northern beans without having to soak them first.

Equipment Needed For Canning Dry Beans The Easy Way

The following is a list of what you will need to can dry beans the easy way: No soak method.

  • Pressure Canner
  • Metal bowls
  • Metal funnel
  • Dry pinto and northern beans
  • Kosher salt
  • Pint Jars with lids and bands
  • Cast Iron Skillet (to cook them for dinner)

Begin Canning Dry Beans The Easy Way

Begin by washing your jars, new lids, and bands in hot soapy water. I prefer wide-mouth jars when canning beans. It is easier to empty the contents with a spoon if needed. Only use new lids for the canning process to ensure a proper seal. The jars and bands can be used again and again.

soapy water with mason jars soaking in it

Clean jars are important in any canning process. They don’t have to be boiled, just clean. Set them aside to dry while you work on other steps.

clean mason jars on colorful towels with lids

Sort And Wash Your Beans For Canning The Easy Way

Sort through your beans to remove anything that looks off. Check for any stray rocks or debris (possible but unlikely), and to rinse any dirt or dust off. I like to take a large metal bowl and measure the appropriate amount of beans into it. Then fill it with water, swish it around by hand, pour it out, and repeat a couple of times. I find this part soothing (haha).

washing pinto beans in a metal bowl and colander

After the beans are washed, empty the rest of the water out and set aside. Get your funnel and line up your jars. You will put one 1/2 cup of beans into each pint jar.

dry beans being poured into a mason jar for canning beans the easy way

Adding Salt To The Beans For Canning The Easy Way

All you will need to season your beans is 1/2 teaspoon of kosher or non-iodized salt. Iodized salt can lead to darkening or discoloration and contains additives such as potassium iodine. The added iodine is good for our diet, but for canning purposes, you want pure salt so you can get an accurate measurement.

1/2 teaspoon of silver with salt in it above a jar filled with salt

Fill Up The Jars

After you have placed 1/2 cup of washed beans and 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt in each jar, go ahead and fill it with water. Leave one inch of headspace at the top of each jar.

pint size mason jars on colorful towels with beans and water ready for canning beans the easy way

Then take a clean butter knife and run it gently around the inside of the jar to release any air bubbles that have become trapped. Next, take a clean paper towel or cloth with just a bit of vinegar and wipe the rim of each jar. This just makes sure there isn’t any food debris to inhibit the sealing process of the lid.

Pressure Canning Dry Beans The Easy Way (No Soak)

Pressure canners come in so many different styles and sizes, so you’ll need to consult your instructions on how to operate yours. Beans are not suitable to can using a water bath method because of the low acidity. Pressure canning is the only type of canning I would recommend for canning dry beans. For more information and further instruction, check out the USDA canning guidelines here.

inside of a pressure canner

I use a stove-top pressure canner from Granite Ware. It is an 18-liter pressure canner and cooker and holds either 7-quart jars, 8-pint jars, or 24 half-pint jars. I am using pint-size jars to can my beans. Quart size works too but the number of ingredients and times are different.

jars and a jar lifter in a pressure canner for Canning Dry Beans the easy way(No Soak)

Pressure canning times are exact and should be followed precisely. To can pint size jars the time is 75 minutes, for quart size, the time is 90 minutes. Follow the directions for your pressure canner on how to set it up and the weights needed.

My Pressure Canner Set Up

  • 8 pint jars
  • 4 cups of water
  • 10 pounds of weight
  • 75 minutes once the canner is to pressure
  • Natural release

Altitude makes a difference in how much weight you put on the top. At sea level, I use 10 pounds of weight. I also let the pressure canner do a natural release. It is not hard or scary. Just read your instructions. It took me getting over my fears to begin filling my pantry shelves with a wonderful variety of canned foods.

And That’s It! You Have Canned Beans!

After the jars have come to pressure, remove the lid and transfer the jars to a towel or rack on the counter. A jar lifter works amazing and you can store it in the canner. Leave space in between them so they can cool quicker and create the vacuum seal.

After all the jars have popped (you can tap gently on the top and it should be pressed in) you can go ahead and remove the bands. The reason we do this is so the bands don’t force the lids down creating a false seal. This ensures freshness and longevity for our canned goods.

23 jars of canned beans on a counter Canning dry Beans the easy way (No Soak)

I end up doing three batches and ended up with 23 jars. The recipe I will share with you will make eight (8) pint jars. Feel free to do more or less as you like. I always make multiple batches of everything. I mean if you are going to get everything out, better make it worth the cleanup.

How To Make Refried Beans

Preparing your canned beans is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Melt a pat of butter in a cast iron skillet.

butter melting in a cast iron skillet

Then take one or two jars of your home canned beans and pour the contents into the pan. Liquid and all.

home canning dry beans the easy way (no soak) in a cast iron skillet

Mash them up with a potato masher to the consistency you like, and season to your preference. A little salt and pepper is all that is really needed here. The natural flavor of the beans is wonderful. Serve these beans with rice or as a dip for chips. If you want them firmer just simmer longer so the moisture cooks out.

Mashed canning dry beans the easy way (no soak) cast iron skillet

Wrapping Up Canning Dry Beans The Easy Way (No Soak)

Canning dry beans the easy way (no Soak) makes a delicious accompaniment to any meal. Mix a couple of jars with some shredded chicken and rolled some enchiladas. You can add them to soups, or goulash, or drain off the liquid and add them to salads. They are tasty on their own, but you could sautee up onions and peppers and add the beans to make a great chip dip. Try the northern beans in this bean and potato soup!

How would you season your beans? A hint of cayenne? Oregano? Let me know, I’m always looking for inspiration.

However you like to eat them (and you will love them!), having a pantry stocked with canned pinto and northern beans is a food game changer. It means always having something to eat that is shelf stable, nutritious, and ready to eat.



Canning Dry Beans The Easy Way (No Soak) Recipe

Canning Dry Beans The Easy Way (No Soak)

A Simple method of canning dry beans without soaking them first.
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Prep Time:15 minutes
Cook Time:1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time:1 hour 30 minutes


  • 1 Pressure Canner
  • 1 Metal Bowl To wash beans
  • 1 Metal Funnel
  • Pint Jars With new lids and bands


  • Pinto/Northern Beans Dry
  • Kosher Salt Non-iodized


  • Wash the jars, lids, and bands in hot soapy water. Rinse well and set aside.
  • Place the beans in a large bowl and fill with water. Wash and sort them – removing any foreign material. Drain off the water.
  • Add 1/2 cup of beans to each jar.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to each jar.
  • Fill each jar with water leaving a 1 inch head space.
  • Place a lid and a band (tightened to finger tight)n on each jar.
  • Place pint jars into the pressure canner and cover with 4 cups of water. Process for 75 minutes with 10 pounds of weight. Please refer to your own pressure canner's instructions.
  • Let the pressure release naturally and remove jars to rest on the counter. Wait until the jars are at room temperature and then remove the rings, label, and store in a dry/dark place.


This simple recipe can be followed for any amount of beans you want to can. Do as many as you like. I tend to do large batches at a time. My pressure canner holds 8-pint jars at a time.
Quart sized jars take 90 minutes in the canner. Consult the USDA guidelines for further information.
Course: Side Dish
Author: Sarah
Cost: 13 cents a jar

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