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Top 10 Must Have Children’s Items

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Three children wearing colorful knees socks. Only can see knee to foot

These are my top 10 must have children’s items. Everything from knee socks to kids’ snack containers. With a ton of products out there it’s nice to have product reviews from an experienced source. As a mom of three, I have found some pretty great items along the way. I have compiled a list of some children’s products that make life easier and things that are actually useful. These items are mom approved!

What do all kids need? What are toddler must haves? We as parents are faced with an overwhelming amount of choices for our babies and children. It is so easy to waste money trying to find the right things and navigate all the unnecessary things. This is not a complete list of everything, but these are some items that I have used for many years with fantastic results. If you are a parent or know someone with little ones, check out this list. All of these items are reasonably priced and would make excellent gifts.

1. Take and Toss Sippy Cups and Snack Containers are a Must Have

First on the list are these take-and-toss sippy cups and snack containers. They are perfect to take with you in the car, for daycare, or when you are traveling. The sippy cups and containers are BPA and phthalate-free and top rack dishwasher safe. I have used these with all three of my children from baby to young child. My little one uses them for chocolate milk in the afternoon and my other two take a snack in them for school. They are easy to open for little fingers, and you aren’t wasting plastic bags every day. The best part is that if they lose them, it’s ok.

6 colorful sippy cups for kids sitting on a counter
colorful snack containers with nuts are number one on my top 10 must have children's items

Sippy Cups https://amzn.to/3tMQch4

Small snack containers https://amzn.to/3OqJtTx

Multi-pack https://amzn.to/3EO6YCU

2. Silicone Bibs

The only bibs you will ever need. Seriously, these bibs are amazing. They come in a variety of colors and the neck size is adjustable. Take these bibs with you to restaurants or when traveling. Silicone bibs are resistant to stains and odors.

They are easy to clean and quick to dry. Hang them on a cabinet knob after washing and they’ll be ready for the next meal. Each bib has a catch-all pocket for all the food and drinks that miss their mouths. I highly recommend these to any parent with a baby or toddler.

These bibs are 100% food grade and BPA free in addition to being soft and flexible.

4 silicone children's bibs blue, yellow, orange, and dark gray

Silicone Bibs https://amzn.to/3VaNg9N

3. Simple Modern Water Bottles

The champion of kids’ water bottles and sippies. As a mom of three, I have tried so many products out there for my kid’s water. Water is one of the best drinks you can offer your kids and I have always made sure that they have a cup at the ready.

These water bottles blow all the others out of the park. They are BPA-free, top rack dishwasher safe, and very durable. They come in different sizes, awesome designs, regular or insulated, and have several tops to choose from. We prefer the flip top with the straw, they are easy to use and don’t make a mess if tipped over. If you’ve been searching for the perfect water bottle, well I’ve found it for you. They have a full line of kid and adult products, plus the customer service is great with any questions.

9 very colorful water bottles lined up in 2 rows as part of the top 10 must have children's items.

Simple Modern Water Bottles https://amzn.to/3OkGMD9

4. Nose Frida

Ok, you will literally be sucking the snot out of your child’s nose but it works. Babies are notorious for stuffy noses and they don’t know how to blow. Sometimes steam in the shower helps but you need to get that snot out of there. The bulb syringes of yesteryear barely work and are a hotbed of bacteria. Throw those away right now.

The nose frida is comfortable and non-invasive (the tube creates a suction at the nostril that won’t go too far in). The tube is attached to silicone tubing with a mouthpiece for you to suck. It works like a dream. The snot doesn’t go anywhere near your mouth. I was gifted this with my last baby and it was a lifesaver. This is an essential item for new parents or anyone with a baby or toddler.

Nose Frida https://amzn.to/3EP1asE

5. Babies, Boys, and Girls Knee Socks

Knee socks are awesome! Not only do they look cool, but they are hard for little ones to get off and they seem to not try very hard. Bare piggies in the winter are a parent’s nightmare. These socks come in some awesome patterns for the boys and adorable animal prints for the girls. My daughter pulls them over her stretch pants, and they are so cute for school all the while keeping her legs warm. The boys look stylish and have warm feet. I love the feel and how they just work.

Three children wearing colorful knees socks. Only can see knee to foot.

Girl Socks https://amzn.to/3EqaWQO

Toddler Girl Socks https://amzn.to/3EpT7kW

Boy Socks https://amzn.to/3gukyBX

Toddler Boy Socks https://amzn.to/3VcWa6O

6. Honest Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Finding just the right baby shampoo and body wash is a huge challenge and definitely, a must-have. Most people don’t realize all the harsh chemicals that are in so many baby products out there. It pays to look at labels but you need to know what to look for. Phthalates, parabens, dyes, formaldehyde, and sodium lauryl sulfate are some of the worst offenders. Make sure that you steer clear of them. This baby product is free of all those toxins so you can feel confident you are giving your baby the best. The price is moderate but a little goes a long way.

We love the sweet almond and the citrus vanilla, they both have a very mild scent that doesn’t affect sensitive noses. It’s also hypoallergenic and tear-free. The Honest Company has a climate-friendly pledge, does not test on animals, and is made here in the USA. Give it a try, it’s great for children of all ages.

bottle of Honest baby shampoo and body wash on a table

Shampoo and Body Wash https://amzn.to/3Xm5yqr

7. Rain or White Noise Machine

Probably one of the best baby/child/adult must have items is a white noise machine. Babies seem to hear a twig snap on the next block over, so having a constant gentle rain sound can make the difference between sleeping and not. Each one of the models I have has been updated over the years but I stand by their products.

The white noise machine by Homedics is the one that is currently in my room with the youngest and I personally couldn’t sleep without it. It has several different sound settings and a neat projector screen that shows cute animals on the ceiling. It also has a timer, but we keep ours on all night.

white noise machine as part of the top 10 must have children's items

Newer version by Homedics https://amzn.to/3EQgXHZ

The other white noise machine (by Raynic) is in my daughter’s room. Hers has a USB port on the back so she can charge whatever she needs. Along with several soothing sound settings to choose from, there is also a headphone jack and a timer.

white noise machine as part of the top 10 must have children's items

Newer version by Raynic https://amzn.to/3AVODld

8. Space Saver High Chair / Booster

This next item is perfect for small spaces. It’s basically a highchair without the legs that you strap to one of your dining chairs. This highchair takes up a lot less space and can be pushed up to the table much closer than a traditional one. It comes with a removable and machine-washable fabric seat and an easy lock tray. The seat I have is an older model that is no longer made, but I am linking the newer version as I’m sure it has only been improved. And it is for sure one of my top 10 children’s must haves.

It grows with your child. For a baby, the seat reclines with full shoulder straps for safety. For a toddler, the tray is nicely designed to keep all messes contained and it is comfortable. As your toddler gets older, just remove the tray and push them up to the table with you. It acts like a booster. We have taken this seat with us on travels and out to restaurants, it is portable and lightweight.

legless highchair that is strapped to a dining chair on a wood floor

Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair https://amzn.to/3OJ8o5b

9. Snack Cup

This collapsible silicone snack cup is not to be passed over, it is definitely a must have children’s item. Are you tired of the cheerio mess all over the car, well this is the perfect vessel to keep it contained. It is BPA and phthalate free and easy to clean. I just put a dollop of dish soap in the opening and shake it around, rinse well and turn it upside down to dry.

It is so easy for little hands to hold and to reach inside (soft and smooth on the hands) without spilling the contents all over, plus they come with a lid. You can choose from single or double handles that make carrying easy for little ones. We have several of these in different colors and they all work amazingly. Great for on-the-go or to carry around the house.

Green and red silicone snack cups

Green Cup https://amzn.to/3TW7xih

Orange Cup https://amzn.to/3tTdt0U

10. Oaki Rain / Mud Boots

Last but certainly not least on my top 10 list of children’s items are rain boots. Every child should have a pair of these, they are absolutely one of the best children’s items you could buy. Not only do they slip on easily, but they are easy to clean and save all the shoes from being destroyed outside. These boots are great for playing in the rain, splashing in puddles, walking a wet and rocky shoreline, or taking a quick trip to the store. They keep little feet warm and dry without the worry of changing wet socks and ruined shoes. The best part is you can just rinse them off easily to clean.

They come in so many great colors and patterns, I’m sure you’ll find one that works. We love this brand on Amazon. My kids are rough and tough and these boots go through a lot and we’ve never had any issues with durability or comfort. There are a lot of designs and sizes to choose from so you can start your search at one of the links below.

# pairs of mud boots as part of the top 10 must have children's items

Toddler Dinosaur Boots https://amzn.to/3Eotqks

Girls Mermaid Boots https://amzn.to/3U0zupj

Boys Construction Boots https://amzn.to/3EVidcU

Wrapping Up the Top 10 Must Have Children’s Items

I am hoping that you get a chance to try out some of my top 10 must have children’s items. Each one of these products has helped me with either one or all of my children. They truly have made my life easier. I would love to hear from you if you have a must have item to share with us, and also if I have inspired you in any. Thanks for reading!

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