How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern)

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If you love to cook or know someone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen then I have a super simple sewing project for you (makes a great gift). I will show you how to sew a half apron with a pocket (easy pattern) that anyone can do.

How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern) - finished apron with cream fabric adorned with dark green evergreens

Back are the days of homesteading and cooking from scratch, a nod toward our grandmother’s generation- I love this- getting back to our roots. Learning how to can and preserve food is a great way to save money and eat healthier. Our grandmothers always wore aprons or pinafores to keep their clothes clean, especially in the kitchen.

Cooking and washing dishes can make our clothes messy so put on your apron and do your thing. Aprons are great for all household chores, not just kitchen ones. They are the perfect accessory to protect your clothes and can be fun and stylish. Trees are one of my favorite design elements, hence my logo. When I saw this fabric I knew it was the one for me.

How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern) - finished apron with cream fabric adorned with dark green evergreens on a woman waist to knees

This simple half apron is the perfect beginner sewing project. It doesn’t take much fabric – less than one yard. All you need to do is measure and cut four (4) rectangles – the body, the pocket, and two straps, then sew the edges and assemble. The best part is that you can adjust the sizes to fit anyone from a child to a larger adult.

bolts of fabric in front of a white cotton canvas sign

Cotton canvas works best because it is thicker and more durable than plain cotton. It also comes in so many awesome colors and patterns. These half aprons wash well in the washing machine and dryer. This simple project can be completed in less than an hour with a machine and some basic sewing supplies!

What You Will Need To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket

  • Sewing machine
  • 1 yard of cotton canvas fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors and/or rotary cutter with cutting mat
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pins
supplies for  How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern)

Measurements To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket

​Begin by laying out your fabric on a large table or the floor. The fabric requirements may change depending on the size you are making, but one yard works for a standard adult size. You will cut 4 pieces from the fabric

  1. Body piece 28″W x 20″L
  2. Pocket piece 15″W x 10″L
  3. 2 straps 4″W x 48″L

If you are using fabric with a directional pattern, be sure to orient the design so all the fabric pieces will face the same way. Make your measurements to be sure everything will fit how you want. I always say in my head, “Measure twice, cut once”. Can’t tell you how many things I have cut wrong -haha.  

How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern) - paper with written measurements on cream fabric with evergreen trees

The large piece will be for the body of the apron, the smaller rectangle will be the apron pocket, and the two longer pieces will be the straps or the waist ties. Once you have measured out the pieces, cut them out (I use a cutting mat) You should have 4 pieces. 

I have made a standard adult-sized half apron pattern with a pocket. You can easily make a wide range of sizes by measuring the waist and dividing that number in half to get the width of the body piece. The apron body can also be shortened in length to fit any height. Adjust the pocket size and strap length as needed.  

​Set Up The Sewing Machine

Photo of my singer quantum stylus sewing machine

Get your sewing machine set up and ready to go. Select your thread  – either a matching or a contrasting color would look great. Wind up a couple of bobbins, thread your machine, and put your settings to a zigzag stitch. You can do a straight stitch if you prefer, but I find the zigzag is stronger and keeps the fabric from fraying.

digital settings to sew a half apron

Set the stitch length and width on the smaller side to create a stronger seam. I keep scissors, a small bin for cut threads, and a great little stick called the purple thang that I use to push the fabric through next to my machine to make things flow easily. 

Pressing and Pinning The Apron Pieces

​Body Piece

Now that the four pattern pieces are cut out, start pressing and pinning the edges. Begin with your apron body piece laying with the wrong side facing up and make a double fold to hide the raw edges. Do this on the bottom edge as well as the side edges pressing and pinning as you go. A one inch seam allowance works great. Don’t worry too much about perfect-sized seams – just do what you can.

pin cushion on a piece of fabric

The top edge of the apron will also get a double fold but the seam allowance for this side is 2 1/2 inches. This will be to accommodate the strap pieces that will be tucked neatly into the fold. Pin and press the top side. In the end, this seam will be about 1 1/3 inches wide.

pretty pink nails showing a close up of a double fold on fabric

​Pocket Piece

rectangle of fabric pinned on all 4 sides with a double fold

Take the pocket piece and do a double fold on all four sides of the fabric with the wrong side facing you. Be sure when you are pinning that the fold is on the correct side of the fabric – you want a clean look.   Use a seam allowance of one inch or less – again don’t stress about this. 

Strap Pieces

strap piece of fabric with folds pressed with an iron

I would recommend pressing the strap pieces with an iron. Start with the right side of the fabric facing down and fold each of the long edges in 1/2 inch and press. Fold the other long side down and press. Then fold it in half (wrong sides together) tucking the edges into the fold and pressing to keep it flat and together. At this time tuck the short end of the strap 1/2 inch into the fold and pin – this will hide the raw edges on the end of the tie.  

How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket

sewing machine stitching fabric

Sew The Body

Bring your pieces over to the sewing machine. Begin by stitching the body of the apron piece  – just the sides and the bottom edge. Backstitch at the start, corners, and end. I take it slow over the corners because there is a lot of fabric there and you want to keep it neat. Pivot fabric by lifting the presser foot with the needle down to turn the corners easily. Set this piece aside.

Sew The Pocket

Purple thang guiding the corner of the fabric to the presser foot

Take the pocket piece and stitch around all four sides, pivoting at the corners and backstitching for added strength. The purple thing (thang -lol) works amazingly to feed the bulkier fabrics into the presser foot. Set this aside as well.

Sew The Straps

Lastly, take your strap pieces and begin sewing the open edge fold together and down the length of the strap.

sewing a folded edge of fabric

At the end of the first side, make sure the short edge is tucked in and sew up the short side pivoting the fabric as you go. Next, sew down the long fold line to create a nice finished look. 

Sewing around a corner and down the other side of a strap

Assemble The Half Apron With A Pocket

Secure And Sew The Straps To The Body

The first thing to do to assemble the half apron is to attach the straps to the main piece of the apron. With the fabric pattern oriented in the same direction, fit one edge of the strap into each side of the waistband piece fold at the top of the apron.

attaching and pinning strap pieces to the apron body for How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern)

Fit it in about 1 1/2 inches. Sew an X over the hidden strap ends to secure it and then sew along the waist to the other end. Fit the second strap in the same way as the other one, sewing an X to secure the ends and sew back down the top of the apron of the second edge. 

sewing an X to secure a strap to the main fabric body in How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern)

Pin And Sew The Pocket Piece To The Body

Next, you will attach the pocket piece to the front of the apron. To find the center, fold the apron body in half and the pocket in half and then fit them together (the right sides of the fabric both facing up).

Main body piece and pocket piece folded in half to find the center to How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern)

Pin it place on the two short sides and the bottom leaving the top edge of the pocket open. Only sew the sides and the bottom.

pocket pinned onto the main fabric body piece

There are several options with the pocket(s). Leave it off entirely, sew a line down the center of the pocket piece to create “2” side-by-side pockets, or make 2 separate pockets altogether. You could also mix and match fabric prints to create something extra fun. 

Wrapping Up How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern)

I love wearing a half apron with a pocket. It makes me feel like I can clean better or cook harder (if that makes sense)… The pocket is great to grab misplaced items or hold something I need often like a thermometer, my phone, or a chip clip -haha. The ties are extra long so you can cross-wrap them in the back to easily tie in the front.

2 rows of beautiful bolts of different color fabrics

And the rows of fabric patterns and colors are always fun and inviting. There is something there for everyone. I like to use natural fabrics for aprons and kitchen towels because they hold up well to stains and washing. Cotton canvas is thicker than plain cotton so it works better and holds its shape. A cotton/linen blend would be a great alternative.  

Woman with long dark hair from Inspired Homemaker modeling a half apron from How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern)

I don’t sew that often, but I love simple sewing projects. This half-apron turned out quite well don’t you think?! The first half apron that I made over two years ago is worn all the time – and it is still my favorite. Give this half apron with a pocket (easy pattern) project a try.  Check out my home page for more crafts and from-scratch recipes at Inspired Homemaker!

How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern) Guide

Yield: One Half apron with a pocket

How To Sew A Half Apron With A Pocket (Easy Pattern)

half apron with a pocket using cream colored fabric with dark green evergreens

This is a simple beginner-friendly pattern that uses a little less than one yard of fabric. It's four rectangles put together and can be adjusted to fit any size. The long straps cross in the back to tie in the front to make it easy to put on.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour


  • 1 yard of cotton canvas fabric
  • Matching thread


  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors and/or rotary cutter with cutting mat
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pins


Lay the fabric down and measure to fit the 4 pieces (keep in mind the orientation of the fabric pattern

  • Body piece 28"W x 20"L
  • Pocket piece 15"W x 10"L
  • 2 straps 4"W x 48"L
    1. Cut the pieces out. (standard adult size)
    2. Set up your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch with a short length and width - see the blog post to see my settings.
    3. Pin a double fold at the sides and the bottom of the body pieces with a one-inch seam allowance - you can press with an iron to help the seam stay flat.
    4. Pin a double fold at the top of the apron body with a 2½ inch seam allowance - this fold (or waistband) will be about 1⅓ inches wide. - Where the straps attach.
    5. Pin a double fold on the pocket piece on all four sides with a one-inch seam allowance.
    6. For both straps, press ½ inch in on each of the long sides and then fold (long side) in half to hide the raw edges (see photos in the blog post). Fold in both the short sides once about ¼ inch.
    7. Sew the straps. Starting at one end, sew along the length and turn the 2 corners at the end by pivoting the fabric. Sew the other long side. Repeat with the other strap.
    8. Sew all four sides of the pocket piece.
    9. Sew the sides and bottom edge of the apron body piece.
    10. Fit the straps (watch the direction of your fabric pattern) into the larger double fold at the top of the apron body - push them in about 1 ½ inches.
    11. Sew an X on the corners where both the straps overlap with the waistband to secure. Then sew along the top and bottom edge of the waist fold.
    12. Fold both the body piece and pocket piece in half and fit them together to find the middle. Pin where you would like the placement to be.
    13. Stitch the sides and bottom of the pocket piece to the apron body making sure to leave the top open.


    Natural fabrics work best. I prefer a cotton canvas but a cotton/linen blend would work well. A thicker fabric is better.

    See the photos and video link in the blog post to learn about a double fold.

    To measure for a certain size, measure your waist and divide that number by 2 to get the width of the apron body piece. Adjust the other pieces accordingly.

    For extra pizazz use a contrasting fabric for the pocket.

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