Naturally Dyed Blessing Beads – Red Cabbage

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Harness the energy in these unique and naturally red cabbage-dyed blessing beads. Arriving to you as a set of 3 beads on a cotton cord.

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Naturally Dyed Blessing Beads – Red Cabbage

Wooden beads stripped of their tannins and weathered in a baking soda bath are dyed using natural elements. The dye is carefully chosen by the energy properties it contains. Red cabbage is mixed with moon water to create a color-based dye. The natural pigments then permeate these wooden beads to give a beautiful reddish color. 

Rich in history and steeped in folklore- red cabbage represents prosperity, protection, moon magic & fertility. Each bead is hand-dyed so colors may vary.

The beads come in a set of 3 and arrive to you thoughtfully strung on a cotton cord. Great care is taken with the energy and power that is contained in these naturally dyed blessing beads. 

1 review for Naturally Dyed Blessing Beads – Red Cabbage

  1. Alberto D. Harris

    4 stars
    Keep on working, great job!

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