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Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog!

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Welcome to my Blog on Lifestyles, recipes and homemade items.

It’s mid morning in very late summer and it’s been a busy and fulfilling season. The flowers are celebrating with their last blooms and the days are noticeably shorter. I woke up today and was feeling inspired to begin down a path that I have dreamed of for some time now. Bringing you with me as I navigate being a mother and a homemaker. I’m always looking to streamline or simplify all those day to day tasks while creating a harmonious home. School is in full swing and the holidays are looming, it’s easily the busiest time of the year. Ideas are swirling in my head. I would love for you to join me on this journey!

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Hi, I’m Sarah

I am a stay-at-home mom to 3 wonderful children who keep me on my toes, always learning along the way. Gardening in the summer, baking breads and rolls, and crochet are some of my favorite activities.

I also love to travel here in the United States and abroad. Hopefully as my children grow they will with enjoy new adventures too!

We eat a lot

I will be sharing food from scratch, meal planning and how I survive picky eaters. Eating foods and meals from scratch, and eliminating certain toxins and processed foods doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Over the years I’ve learned tips and tricks to making food that my whole family enjoys. There have been successes and failures but with each comes new understanding of how to maximize time in the kitchen. Bread baking is a passion of mine, I love the smell of dough! You can really up your sandwich game with a fresh loaf of bread.

I look forward to adding inspiration and creativity to your world, and being inspired along the way. Please subscribe to my blog and I will send you updates when I share new content.

Thanks! Sarah, Inspired Homemaker

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