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10 Great Spring Break Staycation Ideas For The Family

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Join me on my journey of finding 10 great spring break staycation ideas for the family! Spring break is a rite of passage for kids, family members, and travel lovers. It is also a perfect time to have some fun. There are all kinds of reasons for a staycation – time off, school vacation, a new baby, or saving money. It could be the beginning of a lifelong romance of staying around home.

It’s time to celebrate the weather turning nicer and the halfway point in the last semester before the summer break. If there is no time to travel far, there are plenty of activities to have a fun experience. I have come up with some awesome ideas to do around town and a great way to keep the kids happy and fulfilled.

List Of 10 Great Spring Break Staycation Ideas

  • Movie Night
  • Sleepover at Grandmas
  • Have a dinner party (kids shop and cook)
  • Book a local hotel with a pool
  • Plant seeds for the summer garden
  • Roller-skating
  • Go on a hike
  • Backyard bird watching
  • Visit the airport viewing area
  • Have each child be king/queen for a day

1. Movie Night

Go out to the movies, it’s the perfect gift. Indulge yourselves with popcorn and lemonade. Going out to the movies as a kid is always an epic adventure. The big screen and loud speakers combined with the awesome reclining chairs make this an out-of-this-world experience. How about 3D? Wicked.

front of a movie theater

Check your local listings and find something the whole family can enjoy. Some theaters offer showings of older children’s movies for free! Celebration Cinemas

If going out isn’t your thing, check your on-demand cable or other streaming services for a huge selection of either free or rentable movies from the comfort of home. Make a movie theme basket with all the goodies you will need – (food, blankets, comfy clothes, 3-D glasses).

Pop some popcorn or get pizzas delivered. Break out the sleeping bags and pillows. Make it extravagant. Set mood lighting (a strand of xmas lights), wear matching pjs, and close the drapes. Let the Show begin……

2. Sleep Over At Grandma’s House

suitcases packed by a front door

Sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s or another loved one’s house. Vacations are a great way to spend time with loved ones. If you are lucky enough to have them near, plan for the kids to spend a night or two away.

When your children get to spend time with grandparents one on one, they get a whole new experience. Different foods, different activities, and a fun place to sleep. They get to share a special bond and make memories to last a lifetime.

Get some child-size suitcases (or hand luggage) and pack them with their favorite pjs, a water bottle, a stuffy, and a photo of you so they don’t get homesick. (It’s actually me who misses them more.)

3. Have A Child Hosted Dinner Party

little kids pushing a cart in a grocery store

Set the date and send some invites. Have your child plan, shop, and cook for a dinner party.

Start with the planning. Chose the day and invite your child’s friend or a family member or just your family. Plan the menu with some simple recipes. I have some great recipes for inspiration here.

Take them to the grocery store and let them select the produce, and teach them what to look for. Show them how to select meats and cheeses.

At home put on some aprons and cook together. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I love it when my kids participate. They can learn so much from you.

Set the table with some fancy dishes and have a toast with some apple juice. Take some photos because there will be tons of smiles!

4. Book A Hotel With A Pool

beautiful pool outside with a hotel in the background

Have a local hotel staycation! Kids love to swim in pools. It’s probably their favorite thing. Start saving a couple of bucks here and there and book a stay in a local hotel with a pool. Spending even one or two nights could be a grand adventure.

Order some room service and relax with the whole family. Look for either an indoor or outdoor pool depending on what your climate and preferences are. Grab your beach towels!

We love bringing the kids to pools. Watching them splash and learn to swim is awesome. They will have the biggest smiles that warm your heart. There isn’t a better way to share these activities and make special memories like this. These are what life is all about.

5. Plant Some Seeds

Plant some seeds for this summer’s garden. Choose veggies, herbs, or flowers. Order special seeds online or shop your local dollar stores – ours sells seed packets 4 for a dollar! Get your seeds, potting soil, and any container you like to start them. (Toilet paper rolls cut in half work great.) Gardening and seed starting books have lots of helpful tips.

seed starting stuff

This is a great opportunity to teach your children how food begins. Teach them the life cycle of a seed. Show them how to tenderly care for the little seedlings from misting them with water to blowing on them gently to simulate wind. Watch how the sprouts reach for the sun and how we need to turn them to strengthen their stems.

This is an activity that they will benefit from for months to come. When the ground is warm show your children how to transplant the seedlings and how to care for them. There is no greater value than when harvest time comes around – they will be so proud to hold that first tomato.

6. Roller-skating

Check around your area for local roller-skating rinks. My seven-year-old daughter just recently went to one and had a blast. We are planning on taking the rest of the kids soon. They have walkers that help younger kids with their balance. It’s a truly charming way to show off that 80s nostalgia.

Roller skates on feet
Photo by Laura Stanley: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-and-red-roller-skates-2005992/

I fondly remember Friday evenings at the local roller rink. The fun music and funky lights made it the best hang-out spot with friends. I feel like this could be a great comeback activity straight out of the 80s. You could give your kids gift certificates to share with their friends.

7. Go On A Hike

3 kids looking out a pond

Check around for local parks with trails, maybe you live by a national park or forest. You’d be surprised at what you can find. Just a few weeks ago we discovered another section of a park that we’d gone to many times. I actually drive past it every day and didn’t notice it. It was like finding a hidden gem.

This is my favorite of the 10 great spring break staycation ideas for the family. It’s free and a great way to unplug and just be together.

winter seed pods in front of a lake. Part of the 10 great spring break staycation ideas for the family

While you are there have the kids go on a mini scavenger hunt. There are all sorts of treasures to be found. And be sure to check out the local flora and fauna. Birds are everywhere searching for a meal. In the winter you can find lots of seed pods just waiting to burst open come spring.

Teach your children about some of the local trees and plants you observe. Show them how to respect nature by staying on the marked pathways and not leaving anything behind.

8. Backyard Bird Watching

Break out the binoculars and your bird books and spend a day with your neighborhood birds. It’s a good reason to fill up your feeders and put in a suet cake and watch the magic happen. In no time at all your feathery friends will take notice, and soon you’ll have a flurry of activity right in your own backyard.

birdwatching paraphernalia

What’s even more fun is to create a list of all the birds you see in a day. We’ve done this many times and have counted over 20 bird species in just a few hours. Springtime (right during spring break) is a really exciting time of migration.

Many new birds make their way through our area here in the Great Lakes and we like to have our yard as a restful pitstop. Full feeders and a birdbath with clean water make your backyard a great stop along the way. Get a good book or two about birds in your area.

9. Visit The Airport Viewing Area

Our closest airport has a great spot to come and watch the air traffic. Set up with picnic tables and restrooms, it’s a great family-friendly place to have lunch or just let the kids run around. Watching the different airplanes take off and land is an exhilarating backdrop. If it’s too cold to be outside, just cozy up in your car and relax.

man and 2 children watching a plane take off

Let your imaginations run wild. Ask your kids where the plane is going…Hawaii? Chicago? Italy? The North Pole? Share stories of airports that you’ve been to and what cities you have visited. Bring up google maps and learn some geography together.

10. Have Your Child Be King/Queen For A Day

Crown your child king or queen for a day. Let them choose the itinerary. Who you will visit or have over (playdates with friends)? What you will eat for lunch and dinner? Or maybe a craft they have wanted to do for a long time. Board games are a great family activity.

2 kids wearing crowns, pic of the back of their heads

How about a puzzle, going bowling, getting a pedicure with your daughter, building a bird feeder, or painting some pictures? There are endless crafting and art-related activities for you and your children.

Wrapping Up

Most of all take this time to spend together as a family however that may look. Put down your phones and be present with your children and other family members. That is the greatest gift you can give. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have some priceless quality time. I hope you enjoyed my 10 great spring break staycation ideas for the family!



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